Radio + TV

Having this platform to share the message of positive communication and connection between adults and children has been a true blessing. Over the years, there has been many opportunities to speak on radio networks as well as television.


Radio Guest

Being a guest on many local, national and international radio networks has been awesome! This on-going platform to share important and loving messages regarding connection, communication and development.


CBC Radio Canada with Gloria Macarenko, Amy Bell, Jason Osler, Kathryn Marlowe and Angela Sterritt.

CKNW 980 Vancouver with Jody Vance, Tim Dickert, Stirling Faux & Jill Bennett, Simi Sara, Lynda Steele, Charles Adler & John Daly

NEWS 1130 Vancouver with Dean Recksiedler

iheart Radio/Bell Media with Bill Carrol & Kristy Cameron‚Äč

‚ÄčRock 101 Radio Vancouver with Craig Thullner

Calgary News Talk Radio 770 CHQR with Danielle Smith

Edmonton 630 CHED Ryan Jespersen & J'lyn Nye

Toronto Global News Radio 640AM with Alan Carter

VOICE OF ISLAM Radio - London, UK

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