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Communication is vital in any relationship and we need to teach our kids these skills. Let kids know that they are worth your time, effort, energy and presence on a regular basis by telling them to loving things each day. Two loving things you can say to your children are

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better listening and communication parenting strategies and solutions suitable for children of all ages May 26, 2023



Most people have heard by now that communication is vital in any type of relationship – this includes the one you have with children. Communicating with children requires more than just words, our actions speak volumes as well! Kids learn by mimicking the adults in their lives in order to learn the world around them. They not only copy how we react to anger and how we cope with stress but also about how we love and support each other. Children pick up messages from our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, the level of stress we are in as well as where our energy levels are at. Knowing exactly HOW to communicate effectively with both words and actions, is the key to mastering this life skill.


I try daily to demonstrate the love I have for those in my life not only through phrases but also through actions. Quality time together, focused attention and acceptance of that individual are all ways that I PRACTICE that love. How I SPEAK that love is by saying these two specific phrases: "I've got your back" and "I hear you". These powerful phrases are not only loving and positive, but they also let the child know that they have VALUE and are WORTHY of my time, attention and presence. I believe, this is what all humans truly want.



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