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Freaking out at your kids is like your head on fire because it's so frustrating when they don't listen. Parents head on fire image.

How To Handle Tantrums and Stress Better

parenting strategies and solutions tantrums and stressful situations Jun 28, 2023



How many times has a child started screaming at you and you screamed right back at them? It’s like second nature. The trigger has been activated and you’ve reached the point of no return! Our strong desire to end the madness seems to overtake us and we pull out all measures. No one WANTS to react this way, but we do and there is a very good reason why we do so.

A POSITIVE ending to a screaming match is rare even though that is all we really want. We can easily become desperate to make the intense situation stop by sending the child to their room or even throwing out a loose threats and bribes to make it stop. This type of situation is all too familiar for most families. The cycle perpetuates with no real permanent solution in sight, so we just keep on pushing through even at the cost of our own mental well-being and that of our child’s.

What if we didn’t have to do this never-ending battle cycle? What if there was another way that we didn’t even consider? How about a different path that actually leads us to a more positive and happier place?




There is hope that you can and will be able to handle stressful situations with more ease and success such as the following……

  1. Understand your own role as the adult in these situations and why you react to the child’s upset and aggression the way you do.
  2. Identify how to stay OUT of the negative cycle or negativity, yelling and upset.
  3. Learn how to help to decrease the INTENSITY and FREQUENCY of tantrums, stress, anxiety and those freak outs.
  4. Recognize how to help your children build skills to help them now and in future stressful situations.
  5. Discover how to feel more confident in what’s going on and what to do about it.
  6. Create more positive outcomes for you and your child.



There is another path, another way, another outcome. It comes in the form of new understanding of what is actually going on both in the child and the adult as well as techniques that actually work. You can have access to this alternative in the TANTRUMS, STRESS + ANXIETY PROGRAM.

I developed this program to STOP the incessant cycle of upset that is not necessary when a child has a tantrum, meltdown or freak-out.



After the program, if you find yourself with a child who is screaming at you and throwing things in the living room because you turned off the tv, instead of screaming back at them and feeling triggered, you will be able to approach them in a calm manner without taking it personally. You will know when to wait for the right moment to communicate what is happening as well as what is going to happen. This can be done with no forcing, no punishments, no bribes/threats or anger, just clear communication and connection. It IS possible. I have helped many families achieve this and practice this strategy with my own family EVERY DAY.


If you are interested, have any questions or would like to know more about this topic or any other, please reach out and contact me anytime.

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