Clear Expectations + Boundaries Program

Consistency is Key



Research shows that children crave structure and benefit from consistency. Clear expectations helps children better understand what is going on and be able to predict the next steps which can leave them feeling more self-secure and less worried. We can provide this structure for them in any environment by teaching them what the expectations and boundaries are. In this program, we will discuss the importance of boundaries, how to create them and how to support them in any challenging situation so that YOU survive and the children thrive. Suitable for parents, educators, teachers and caregivers.​



You want to have more control over the flow-of-the-day or if you want to learn how to effectively explain to children EXACTLY what is expected of them during routines and tasks. This information is suitable for those with their own children or who work and interact with children of all ages and abilities.


This is original content that is safe and practical with effective techniques and strategies that can create a positive impact within your interactions with children. Certificates are also available for those who require them.

This program includes 3, one hour sessions of 1:1 time with Julie Romanowski as well as a work booklet containing visuals, notes and information discussed in the program. Session break-down and descriptions below.


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One-on-One Live Program

$600 / 3 hours

3 one hour sessions to be scheduled separately

  • want to speak directly with Julie Romanowski over the phone or zoom.
  • want a more customized approach rather than just a general overview.
  • practical, specific help + strategies to create positive results.
  • you're ready to do the work required of you for the positive changes you are seeking.
  • want the option of participating in the program solo or with your parenting partner.
  • opportunity for follow up appointments in the future.
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