It's a complex dance and delicate balance of being a conscious Parent, loving Mother and working hard for parents around the world.

It didn't happen overnight. I have been working for over 12 years as a consultant, over 25 years in the field and an entire childhood surrounded by many children.

I have been collecting layers of experience along with Education and Professional Development. Practical skills and knowledge have shaped my expertise in this work and it is my life's mission to continue to deliver the goods.



Being an Early Childhood Consultant


The Early Childhood Education License to Practice allows me to work with children and families in a variety of different settings.

This license requires me to complete a certain amount of hours of professional development that have to be obtained every 5 years in order to keep that license active.

I have worked with children from infancy all the way to the teen years actively connecting and communicating and as we call in the field, 'working on the floor' to have the first-hand experience to know what is actually going on.

Because I hold this ECE license and have a legal business in providing professional development, I am able to offer workshops and courses to those who require professional development hours. 


Being a Entrepreneur


I started off pregnant and wanting to stay home to raise my child. I had quit my high-paying job at the time to start a business that allowed me to work from home and that encompassed all the education and experience I had gathered over the years. Miss Behaviour: parenting coach & consultant services was created back in 2012. Slowly growing the buisness with NO business background and just using the skills I had along with a strong amount of passion and persistence, I was able to raise my son at home while earning an income.


Some incredible career highlights were:

  • my first website
  • building my social media platform
  • being on the radio + TV
  • being sought out and having mainly referrals as my main sales.
  • writing my first book
  • creating my own programs
  • becoming an active member on a pediatric lifestyle medical team

I can't wait to see what the future brings next!


Being a Mamma


I only speak and write about 'work/life balance' because I live it every single day. There are no set hours with my work schedule so 'winging it' isn't an option. I have had to put a plan in place using clear expectations and boundaries which has allowed me to continue doing this work for so many years.

I have been raising my son for most of his life. My husband passed away leaving me as a solo parent. This was not part of the plan and I had no idea how I was supposed to support myself, raise a child and continue with this important work.

It was extremely difficult, it still is and I imagine it always will be. I have shifted my thoughts from 'how can I make this easier' to 'how can I do hard, better'. With all the work experience and life experience, there's a quality behind the parent coaching and consulting that is like no other.

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