$200.00 CAD

3 monthly payments

Tantrums, Stress + Anxiety 1:1 Program

If you feel frustrated and confused as to what to do or say when a child is about to or is having a tantrum or meltdown, this program is for you. This program will bring more clarity and enhance communication for all of those involved. This information is ideal for those with their own children or who work and interact with children of all ages and abilities. This is original content that is safe and practical with effective techniques and strategies that can create a positive impact within your interactions with children.

This is why the program works. What you get is:

  • live 1-on-1 coaching with Julie
  • 3, one-hour sessions that can be booked easily online
  • Program work book with visuals to use during program and get to keep for future reference
  • reviews + de-briefs included in the sessions
  • future action plan
  • additional optional resources 
  • certification available
  • opportunities for follow up sessions at a discounted rate



This program is for informational and educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional counselling or medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

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